Jacko Farm    “An eco-organic ‘food forest’ in the rainforest”



The goal of  Jacko Farm is to create a functioning organic mini-farm that is in harmony and balance with the surrounding rainforest, from which it was carved many years ago.   We hope to establish eco-friendly camping and Glamping facilities to host all age groups. The remote Syndicate area of Dominica, where the farm is located, has traditionally maintained a very balanced relationship between agricultural land and rainforest.  Jacko Farm believes this relationship should be preserved and strengthened. The farm was originally set up nearly 10 years ago but was hit hard by hurricane Maria. Our intention is to re-establish the property while developing (in harmony with nature) so that more and more people can enjoy this magnificent site.


There is a wise old saying among farmers.  “If you take care of the land.  The land will take care of you.”  We have adopted  this simple principle in our approach to creating a sustainable farm.


Sustainability is eloquently explained by the late Dr. Wangari Maathai, Noble Peace Prize Winner, Honorary Rotarian, Environmental Activist and University Professor in her native Kenya.  She uses the metaphor of a traditional African three-legged stool.  Without any one of the three legs of sustainability the stool will not stand.  The Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance have identified three areas of sustainability that they use in certifying sustainable forest products.  Jacko Farm combines Dr. Maathai’s metaphor with Rainforest Alliance/FSC’s areas by seeking to achieve environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability for the farm.  


By returning to Dominica’s traditional (chemical free) farming methods the farm acts, if only in a small way, as an environmental buffer zone for the adjacent Morne Diablotin National Park, a primary rainforest parrot preserve and the headwaters of the Dublanc River on which the farm is located. 


River water coming directly from the virgin rainforest in the National Park, before it reaches active farmland, is pure enough to drink.  Dominica’s 365 rivers are a major source of drinking water for Dominicans.


Jacko Farm wants to maintain the level of purity for the river by not discharging any pollutants into the surrounding land and river. 


The virgin rainforest within the National Parks and vast Forest Reserves of Dominica are virtual natural machines for producing fresh water, oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide, all the necessary key elements required for human habitation of the Earth.  It is vitally essential that these forest lands should be revered and preserved.  One of  Jacko Farm’s  missions is to demonstrate that human habitation (agriculture) and virgin rainforest can peacefully co-exist in balance and harmony.


Non polluting, solar energy provides the minimal electrical power requirements of the farm


Jacko Farm has developed a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program as it’s approach to economic sustainability.  We have found that people in the Virgin Islands love Dominica fruit!  Fruit grown with a love of the land, in Dominica’s rich soil and abundant rainfall is Dominica Delicious!  Because our Dominica fruit is so good and pure, we have been able to establish a web/email based distribution system in the Virgin Islands.   The fruit also creates more revenue in the VI, because of the high price of fruit imported from the U.S. mainland, Chile or New Zealand.    


We are also developing secondary crops, banana, plantains, pineapple, yams, passion fruit, kale to provide organic fruits and  vegetables to supplement income during the citrus off season.


Jacko Farm is a small-scale 2.6 acre mini-farm.  Our approach to social sustainability is generated by our eco-organic approach to farming, providing organic farming employment and education and return to traditional Dominican farming techniques. 


As we travel about, we hear many people talking about Dominica.  They either want to visit or have recently visited.  Invariably, the two comments we hear the most about Dominica are, how beautiful and unspoiled the island is and how nice and friendly the people are.  We believe that there is a direct link between these two comments.


Is it possible that the connection that Dominican’s have always maintained with the land through the cultivation of their own gardens that has a positive effect on human nature?


It is this direct connection with the Earth that we feel is so important to maintain.  Our goal is to create a sustainable organic farm that co-exists in balance and harmony within a healthy tropical rainforest environment. 

BBQ Area
& Fire Pit

The farm is in an "ongoing state of re-development (post-Maria) at this stage but we hope to bring the following to everyone very soon...


Bike Rental
Outdoor Hot-tub
Eco Toilet
Electric Shower

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

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Jacko Eco Farm, Syndicate, DOMINICA

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TEL: 767 285 0401

or: 1(514) 777 7807  

E-MAIL: simon@jack0-ecofarm.com or Simon@msgilbert.com

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